For the past 15 years Drea's resume of work continues to grow with a very well rounded repertoire. Drea's eye for hair is diverse and comes naturally. Drea is a master with her shears, transforming hair into a style that moves with and frames each client like a work of art. Drea is also a master at styling hair for that special day that will make every woman feel like she is the most beautiful bride yet.

Drea's skills don't just stop with hair. She has extensive make-up training, from natural to a deep smoky look Drea will have you covered and looking amazing!

In addition to working in the salon, Drea has and continues to do editorial/photoshoot work where she is responsible for the entire look from face to hair. Traveling from Santa Barbara to LA for work, Drea is staying on top of her game by working with top photographers and industry people that consistently put her skills to the test.


The Bachelor, Sean & Catherine Wedding- Hair & Make-up
Makers Conference 2014 - Hair & Make-up
White Lotus Retreat - Hair & Make-up
Caroline Reitman Wedding 2012 - Hair & Make-up
Academy Awards 2011 - Hair & Make-up
Reagan Conventio 2011 - Hair & Make-up
67th Golden Globes 2010- Hair & Make-up
Lead Hair & Make-up artist for Dillon Lane
Celebrities worked with:
Alyssa Milano, Actress
Annie Potts, Actress
Bill Maher, Political Commentator
Brittany Murphy, Actress
Cady Coleman, NASA
Cameron Diaz, Actress
Chelsea Handler, Comedian
Eva Mendes, Actress
Gabrielle Giffords, Americans for Responsible Solutions
Geena Davis, Actress
Gloria Steinem, Political Activist
Heather Locklear, Actress
Jay Manuel, Makeup Artist
Katey Sagal, Actress
Linda Alvarado, Co-owner of Colorado Rockies
Maureen Sullivan, Facebook CEO
Marlo Thomas, Actress
Martha Stewart, Businesswoman
Sarah Palin, Political Commentator
Sam Godon, 9-year-old football sensation
Scarlett Johansson, Actress
Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook
Tara Hagan, Harvard Business School
Victoria Jackson, Cosmetics Entrepreneur